Who is Shweta? Shweta Photo and Zoom Audio recording

Shweta is trending all over the internet but most people don’t even know who is Shweta. Why she is trending all over the internet and what is her leaked Zoom call recording.

Well, if you have already listened to it then it is okay but if you have not already listened to her audio recording then we also have the link to the youtube video in which you can listen to what does Shweta talking about.

Probably, Shweta seems like a student who is attending Online class on Zoom (A very popular online meeting and webinar app). It looks like she has muted incoming voice to her but forgot to mute outgoing voice.

One the phone call she is having discursion with her friend about a boy who is already in a relationship with a girl. And he has told everything about his relationship to Shweta. And it seems like Shweta is interested in that boy.

Note: This is just a news post, we are not indented to hurt someone’s sentiments.

She is sharing all the secret of that boy and his relationship to her friend by saying ‘No one even know this, Not even his best friend’.

But know the audio has gone viral and it has reached every internet user. On Twitter #ShwetaYouMicIsOn trending with the audio.

After the audio went viral, thousands of internet users created memes and such memes are being shared all over social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Have a Look on some memes that are getting viral on Twitter-

These are just a few tweets that are getting viral but you can check out hundreds of more tweets on the social media platform.

Who is Shweta?

The girl Shweta who is getting viral is not a celebrity but she is just a student who is telling the love story of a boy to her friend at the time when she is attending zoom class with 111 other students. She has muted the incoming audio of the app and at the same time, she doesn’t know that all the other students can listen to her. Hahaha

I am unable to stop my self from laughing.

At the moment of writing this news, no one knows any other thing about Shweta. The Identity of Shweta is not revealed yet.

After the moment the audio went viral people are trying the find photo and memes of Shweta.

Shweta Photos and Images-

Are you dying to see the picture/photo of Shweta? Well if so, then you will have to wait until we get to know about her. Till now, only audio is being viral but still, her identity remains to reveal which we are not going to do it. But if it will be available on public domain we will surely update this article.

Source: Google Image (Not Original Pic of Shweta)

Important Tips For You

When you are on Zoom meeting or you are having an online webinar, you if are talking on the phone make sure you have made outgoing voice mute. Also, try to turn your camera off if it is not necessary to show your face.

What happening with Shweta is funny for others but for her, it will be a bad situation. She would be in fear and she has to be ashamed in front of many people. It would be a very hard situation for her to face her family and friends.

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