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Make Money With Dream 11

Hey, are you looking for a method to make money instantly from the app called Dream 11? Well, if so then you are at the right place. After going through this article you will learn how to make money instantly from the Dream 11 app.

Mainly, there are two methods of making money using the app.

  • By Dream 11 referral program
  • By winning matches

Most of the people know how to make or earn money through the app by winning matches. However, winning match is not an easy task but it needs proper planning, lots of experience and a Good Luck.

But in order to make money using the dream 11 application through its referral program, you don’t need any experience or Good Luck even.

Here, your hard work works..

How to make money instantly from Dream 11?

Let’s talk about dream 11 referral program. Dream 11 allows its users to share this app with people and make money.

But in order to join its referral program firstly you need to have a Dream 11 account. Once you have an account on Dream 11. Create your referral code and share it with people.

Well, Let me explain.

Step 1 : Download Dream 11 APK

You will be surprised to know that the popular app like dream 11 is not available on Google Play Store. So, to install this app you need to download it from the official site of Dream 11. If you don’t know about the official site of the application then please click here to visit it know.

Once you are on the official site you will get a download button of the app for your operating system. Of of the mobile users use the Android Platform and others use the iOS. The app is available for both platforms.

So, download Dream 11 from the given link.

Step 2: Install Dream 11 into your device

By now you have downloaded the application now you need to install it into your device. You can install it as any other regular application. Sometimes, It may ask you to enable “Install the app from another source” just enable it from the settings.

Step 3: Complete Your Registration

Once you complete the installation process, Now you need to complete the registration of yourself. It is such a simple process just provide your Mobile Number, Email ID and set a password. If you use this invitation code you will get 100 rupees into your Dream 11 Account.

Once you have done all these things you will get your own referral code, provide these referral code to other people to complete their registration on the platform.

You will receive 100 rupees per registration as commission. you can use this money to play a match on the platform.

That was how you can make instant money from Dream 11 now let me explain how can you win money.

Create a Team

Now you can create you own team on Dream 11 and Play Match over there. But In order to play matches you will have to play some amount of money like Rs. 25 to Rs. 100 anywhere.

Once your team wins you will win get the prize amount that could be anywhere where from 100 rupees to 1 Core or more.

The winning amount always depends on your Rank. If you are No.1 then it could be in Crores or if your rank in hundreds or thousands then It could be any amount of money.

How to Withdraw Money From Dream 11 App?

Once you win prize from the app you can either withdraw it to your bank account or you can play more matches using this money.

You will be amazed to know that many people become Millionaire overnight because of Dream 11.

You you need any proof you can search “Dream 11 earning proof” on YouTube.

You will find over hundreds of people over there who might have made lakhs of rupees from the app.

Well, Let me tell you how can you withdraw money from Dream 11?

In order to receive money from your dream 11 app to your bank account, you will have to verify your dream 11 accounts with your bank account, pan card or adhaarcard.

Once your account gets verified, they will make a direct deposit of your money into your bank account.

Can you lose your Money?

Yes, there is a chance that you can end up losing your money on the app. This happens only when you don’t create your team with a proper plan or without knowledge about the players.

But if you know which player plays best and you create your team with your sense then there is no chance you losing your money. Even if you don’t get top in ranking but get the average position then also there is a chance that you could win some money.


Make Money Instantly With Dream 11 application with referral program and also by playing matches over there.

Dream 11 is a great app for those who have an interest in sports and want to make some money. If you are one of those people then the app could be a great choice for you. Just Install it and create an account.

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