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IBS Treatment in India | Ayurvedic Treatment for IBS in India

IBS Treatment in India- Hey, are you suffering from IBS for many years now? You have been changing one after another doctor but they are Unable to treat your IBS? If so, then I promise you; after going through this article you will never have to find a doctor for your IBS problem.

Yes, It 100% true.

I was suffering from IBS science 2012 and now I am 100% symptoms free now.

In last 8 years, I would have changed more than 300 Doctors.

Be it SGPGI Lucknow, B.H.U Varanasi, Gorakhpur Medical Collage, Lucknow Medical Collage or many top private hospitals in Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Delhi and Gurugram.

I used to take medicines each and every day But never got relief.

At the time when IBS started I was pursuing my Graduation, But the bad thing about those days I was unable to attend classes or coachings because of IBS.

At the time of study I used to Google about IBS Treatment, IBS Treatment In India, How to to get relief in IBS so on.

I used to try different and different methods.

I tried all the Ayurvedic Herbs that I got to know from Internet.

I tried all the Homeopathic Treatment.

At that time I could not eat anything my mates was eating. Sometimes, If I used to eat something like Samosa and Pizza under pressure from someone I had suffer a lot.

I could not even had tea at that time.

I used live in fear… I had to go to stool pass for more than 4 time or more everyday. If mistakenly, I eat milk products then I had to go for more than 6 times.

I never thought I my time is bad but I used to think my life is bad and wanted to end my life..

But still I had hope in my heart that the day will come when I will be healthy..

And, the time came when I stated recovering but unfortunately it took 8 years.

I would love to share how I cured my IBS but before I would like to shared how I got cheated many times on the name IBS Treatment in India.

IBS Treatment in India

After losing faith in Doctors, I started searching for IBS treatment related videos on YouTube. And trust me there are thousands of videos about IBS are available on YouTube.

There are hundreds of IBS doctors are there on YouTube. I don’t know they are fraud or what but I paid to many YouTubes to get IBS medicines.

There is a very popular YouTuber, his name is chaudhari ji. He took me 27,000/- rupees to create a diet plan for me that can cure my IBS.

But the sad truth is the diet never worked for me and made my symptoms worst and worst.

According to that diet plan I had to eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. Because of the high fiber in fruits and raw vegetables, my symptoms were Increased by 100% (2X).

Note: How I cured my IBS, I have told it in the last of this article.

GSB ACADEMY for IBS Treatment in India

There is a GSB ACADEMY YouTube channel. While trying to find IBS treatment on YouTube I got to know about GSB Academy.

I got a GSB academy’s videos in which the I nutritionist from GSB Academy was taking Interviews of one of his IBS patients who was cured of IBS.

I watched this video; I was so Impressed and became positive. At that time, first time ever I felt I will be recovered from IBS.

I got their number from the description and made them a called without thinking of anything. R Yadav madam picked my call up and asked my problem.

She was very supportive and good in nature. She took the Information of my condition.

And asked my to pay 4,200/- rupees.

Next day I made the Payment of four thousands and two hundred rupees.

IBS treatment in India

Then she asked me to wait and said ‘Your consultation is fixed at 5:30’.

Then withing a few hours she made me talk to her nutritionist.

He asked me about my IBS symptoms and after the 7 Minutes of discussion, we disconnected the call.

R. madam asked me to wait for 48 to get a diet plan.

As she told, I got my diet plan.

In which they were suggested about food, yoga, and health supplements-

Yoga & other activities-

  • 15 Minutes Walk.
  • 15 Minutes Meditation.
  • 15 Minutes Prayanams like- Sheetkari, Shitli, Anulom Vilom, Bhrahmari.
  • 5 Minutes Asanas like- Pawan Muktasan, Padahastasan, Uttampadasan.


  • Kegel
  • Chair Squats
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Dumbbell Thriceps
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press etc.


  • Glutamine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Clear Mass / HMB 1250 Mega Caps

Diet Plan:

It is tough to share all the diet plan for ‘from Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Supper to Dinner. So I can not share it here on this blog.

Note: These supplements and exercises were for me. Please don’t take them for yourself without the consultation of any nutritionist.

Let’s come to the point

After I received my diet plan and they asked me to Pay more 9500/- to get my supplements.

I made the payment and received my supplements after 15 Days.

I started taking supplements along with following the diet plan. After 15 days, I started feeling the treatment was working for me, and I was getting some relief like 25% to 30%.

Continuously, I followed all the things like Yoga, Diet and supplement for two months, and now I had 60% relief.

After 2 months, I had to leave my home and I went to Lucknow for Exam preparation and I was unable to follow diet plan and all that.

Within 15 Days, My IBS became worst. 6 times a day, I had gone for a stool pass each day. My stomach was used to be full of bad Gas. Literally, I was crying about my situation.

Now again started finding another IBS doctor on YouTube and Then I got-

Bikash Gupta IBS specialist

There is a guy on YouTube his channel name is Bikash Gupta IBS specialist. I got his many videos about IBS. I was impressed with his videos.

He claims He has suffered from IBS for more than 12 years. But he has got some treatment that works for IBS. In some videos, He claims his treatment is 100% working.

I got his number from the description of his youtube videos. I made him a call. He talked to me for more than half an hours.

Then he asked me to pay 5000 rupees. I made the payment. I had no option; I wanted to be healthy.

After the Payment, he called me and asked me to create a video and say that ‘Mai Bikash Gupta ki dawa le raha hu aur mai ab achha ho raha hu’.

I denied it, But he warned me he would neither let me know the medicines nor make the refund if I don’t do that.

I wanted to know the medicines that work in IBS, so I had to create a video for him. He uploaded it on his YouTube channel and then sent me the name of two medicine.

Those two medicines were so harmful and don’t even cure IBS.

I showed these medicines to my doctor and asked either I can take I without any side effect or not.

He told me, these medicines are addictive. If you started taking it can ruin your life.

I didn’t take it for even a single day, I don’t know if it work or not.

How I cured my IBS?

After lots of suffering, I decided I’ll not live with IBS either I fix it or finish my life. But they are hard. Finishing life is not a solution.

So, again I started researching Brain and Stomach connections. Emotions, Brain, and Stomach Connection. Lifestyle and Stomach connection, and blah blah.

And In my small research, I learned that our brain, emotions, lifestyle, and stomach are connected.

If there is problem with your brain and emotion your stomach will cry.

To get rid of IBS, you will have to fix your brain functions and your stomach function. If you think there is problem with your stomach only then your are wrong.

You have IBS because, you think more and act less.

You have IBS because you have a stressful life. Maybe at the beginning of IBS, you were stressed about something, and now you are stressed because of IBS.

Nervousness and Stress Increase the IBS symptoms by 10X or more. And when your mind is calm you will not feel IBS symptoms much.

After my research, I created a “No IBS: four step formula“.

No IBS: Four Step Formula

No IBS: four step formula is a kind of formula which helps you to cure IBS in four steps.

Step 1: In Step one, I will let you know some Ayurvedic herbs that work in IBS. These herbs cost only 100rs for one month.

Step 2: In step two you will learn about some Yogasana which will help you to treat IBS.

Step 3: In step three, I will let you know about some physical exercise that made me mentally and emotionally fit.

Step 4: Step four is all about lifestyle.

So this was all about IBS treatment in India.

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